Heartstopper (In Hindi)

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Director: Euros Lyn

Starring: Momo Yeung, Joseph Balderrama, Kit Connor

Genre: Drama, Romance

Released on: 22 Apr 2022

Writer: Alice Oseman

IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (9 Votes)

Duration: 236 min

Synopsis: The story of two British teens, Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring, at an all-boys grammar school. Charlie, a high-strung, openly gay overthinker, and Nick, a cheerful, soft-hearted rugby player, one day are made to sit together in class. Their friendship quickly becomes something more for openly gay Charlie, but he initially does not believe he has a chance with Nick. But love works in surprising ways, and Nick is more interested in Charlie than either of them realized. Heartstopper is about love, friendship, loyalty, and mental illness. It encompasses all the small stories of Nick and Charlie’s lives that together make something larger.

1 x 1 To 08Episode #1 To 08
April 22, 2022
1 x 8Episode #1.8
April 22, 2022
1 x 7Episode #1.7
April 22, 2022
1 x 6Episode #1.6
April 22, 2022
1 x 5Episode #1.5
April 22, 2022
1 x 4Episode #1.4
April 22, 2022
1 x 3Episode #1.3
April 22, 2022
1 x 2Episode #1.2
April 22, 2022
1 x 1Episode #1.1
April 22, 2022

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