Kalavu Thozhirchalai (2017)

Watch Kalavu Thozhirchalai 2017 Full Hindi Movie Free Online

Director: T. Krishnasamy

Starring: Vamsi Krishna, Kathir, Kushi

Genre: Thriller

Released on: 22 Sep 2017

Writer: T. Krishnasamy

IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (25 Votes)

Duration: 138 min

Synopsis: An idol smuggler comes to a village to steal a Shiva idol worth 600 crores. The story begins with an international criminal (Vamsi Krishna) An idol smuggler comes to a village to steal a Ancient “Shiva” idol worth 600 crores.Who Is arriving at a village in Tanjore with the ulterior motive of smuggling the ancient Maragatha “Lingam” idol from “Marundeeswarar” Temple. He enters the temple in the pretext of a journalist who has come to research on temples. He takes the help of a local guy “Sweet Ravi” (Kathir) who is a smalltime thief who steals only “Pillayar” idols. Ravi wants to make big money and settle in life with his Fiancé “Vani”(Kushi(actress)). So, he agrees to go hand-in-glove with ‘Ram/Sanjay’ and as per the latter’s plan, they steal the heavily guarded Lingam from the temple. Ravi gets his share of the spoils. Now The Ministery Know’S That The Idol Has Been Missing So He Filed A Complain In Police But Due To A Value Of Idol A “Government” Assigned A Case To Mr. Irfan (Kalanjium), a special police officer From The [[Economic Offenses Wing]] assigned to find the culprits. How he solves the case and brings them to books forms the rest.

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