Stockholm Requiem (In Hindi) S1E5

Watch Stockholm Requiem In Hindi Season 1 Episode 5 Free Online

Director: Karin Fahlén, Lisa Ohlin

Starring: Liv Mjönes, Jonas Karlsson, Alexej Manvelov

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Released on: 17 Oct 2018

Writer: Kristina Ohlsson (novel), Jörgen Hjerdt (head writer), Pauline Wolff (head writer), Åsa Lantz (episode), Lisa Ohlin (episode), Piodor Gustafsson (episode), Jörgen Hjerdt, Pauline Wolff, Jonas Karlsson (adapted by), Karin Fahlén (adapted by), Piodor Gustafsson (adapted by)

IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (26 Votes)

Duration: 45 min


Synopsis: When two Jewish boys are abducted on their way to practice, their parents argue about where the blame really lies. Fredrika is seven months pregnant, but her happiness is blighted by the new case.




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